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Subject:Georgia. Video
Time:02:14 pm
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Time:02:13 pm
Hi, this video is directed to an American public and the rest of civilized Western world. I am a Russian citizen, I live in United States for a long time, for over 10 years. I happened to be in Russia now and I caught all this "action" that's taking place in South Ossetia, a region in Georgia. I never posted on youtube, but I couldn't hold myself from doing it now. I had to do this.
My message to American public is meant as a wake up call. American and other Western media especially CNN is feeding you complete horse shit! Russia did not invade and did not attack Georgia. It was a response to a horrible war crime committed by Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili, this irresponsible man who just can't stand Russia, hates us, and will kiss America's and Europe's ass just to get a chance to join NATO and European Union. America has always supported Georgian "democracy" and I suspect actually that it was America who instigated Georgia to commit this crime.... on the first day of Olympics! How ironic is that? But please don't take this allegation too close heartedly, my point is not about whether or not U.S. government had any role in this, my point is to give you truth about what really happened Thursday night

So again, Russia did not invade or attack Georgia, as your media outlets are saying.

A brief geography and history lesson. South Ossetia is a very small region about 40 miles by 40 miles in the northern Georgia. It's population is around 70000 people. It borders with Russia. Today, many of the residents of South Ossetia are Russian citizens holding Russian passports, it's our people. South Ossetia had claimed independence from Georgia in 1992. Obviously it was never recognized by any international organizations. In 2006, they held an election where 99% of the voters supported independence from Georgia, and the turn out rate was 95%, it was monitored by a team of 34 international observers from the West. It still was not recognized by the world. As an analogy I would like to bring Kosovo situation, Serbian region in the south that was illegally snatched from Serbia and made into an independent country. Please look it up on Wikipedia and see how similar this situation is. How ironic is that America never supported Southern Ossetia same way it supported Kosovo. Obviously, it was made to show Russia how unfriendly the rest of the world is towards us.

Thursday night, Georgian military started an attack against South Ossetia. It was yesterday. They shelled the main city of Tshinkvali. They killed over a 1000 people. The excuse was to "restore the constitutional order in the region". BULLSHIT! This attack was an attempt to commit "ethnic cleansing", it was an act of genocide. They shelled civilian houses, schools, hospitals, without any warning. They also captured several villages near Tshinkvali. Reports say that they attempt to kill anyone of the Ossetian nationality. It was a pure act of Genocide. Wake up!

Russia couldn't watch this atrocity happening to its own citizens. We had no choice but to bring in our military into the region and protect our people. Whatever happens next the world needs to know, that the cause of this conflict is Georgia and its president. Before you accept what your media tells you, before you get fired up by McCains irresponsible allegations and comments, try remember all the lies that American media had always fed you, try to read news from other media outlets, not russian, but other parts of the world, other than U.S. or U.K.'s media.

America needs to wake up and stop doing what it's doing. Stop seeing an enemy in Russia. Stop using countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia who are basically acting like prostitutes of U.S. government in their public acts of hatred towards Russia.

And finally need to say, Mr. SSHAshvili that's how we like to call him. S.SH.A stands for U.S.A in Russian. Mr. SSHAshvili will pay for what happened yesterday.
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Time:02:00 am
it's been so quiet i forgot i was on this comm, lol. Hi everyone! Not associated with the group, but thought this was cool: 

Project: Transitions Clothing Exchange

Bring in your unwanted clothes and accessories
(clean and in decent condition, please!)
and exchange them for new ones.

Walk away with one new item for every item you bring.
Or make a $1 donation to Project: Transitions for every item you want.

It's a cheap, easy, and fun way to update your wardrobe!
All are welcome.

Project: Transitions is bringing new clothing from Torrid!

Sunday, August 10
New Moon Cafe
113 4th Ave W Olympia, WA 98501
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Time:06:59 pm
Si se puede! Please assist local support in the National Democratic Convention:

Talib Kweli's open letter on Barack Obama: http://rap.about.com/od/articles/a/KwelionObama08.htm

[note: there is NO affiliation between these two links, me, or the content of each]
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Subject:Cross Posted
Time:11:30 pm
On 9/26/07 Krem 2 news, aired on KSKN 22 in Spokane, Washington at 10pm, aired this story(Which I uploaded to YouTube) about these posters printed by Safe Schools Coalition which were sent to every public school in the nation.

Safe Schools Coalition says that the posters promote tolerance and understanding of children/teens who feel threatened giving them information on how to stop bullying over issues including religion, parental situation and especially those who are GLBTQ.

This news story claims that the posters may be a part of a "gay agenda" and interviews "worried parents" who say that the posters are offensive and inappropriate.

PLEASE, watch the video and judge for yourself whether you thought that KREM 2's "Investigative Report" was fair or not. Also, at my personal journal you can find the transcript to print, share or quote which can be found here

Also, if you would like to share this story with others, please do. Several places I would like to post this (gayspokane comes to mind) new members need approved first... but I am cross posting this on leftofwa queeractivism and spokanism today and waiting for approval from several other LJ communities to post there as well. If you can think of anyone who would want to see what the Spokane, Wa news media has to say about the promotion of GLBTQ tolerance in public schools, please let them see this story.

For those of you who want to contact KREM in reguards to this story, you can email them at newsdesk@krem.com and in case you are wondering, here is a list of companies who advertised during the show. I must say, there were NO commercials during the actual segment, though.

Inland Imaging
Becker Buick-Pontiac-GMC
Northwest Bedding
Century 21 (Beutler & Associates)
Sterling Savings Bank
John Cooney & Associates
Foster Farms
Safeco Insurance
Spokane Transit
Markham Homes, Inc.
Group Health
Pemco Insurance
Reject 67
Washington Trust Bank

If this post is inappropriate, please delete.
If this post is prefectly appropriate and you feel as angry as I do, please repost!
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Subject:Important Bulletin about Seattle Music Scene
Time:06:02 am

From The Seattle Nightlife and Music Association (SNMA)

Yesterday City Councilmember’s Clark and Drago issued a press release and briefing paper outlining a series of proposals in response to the Mayor’s proposed nightlife regulations. http://seattlenma.org/downloads/clark_release  press release herehttp://seattlenma.org/downloads/clark_brief
the briefing paper here.Councilmembers Clark and Drago are proposing a series of actions that if, taken together, would be for more egregious than what the mayor originally proposed. These actions include:Embracing the mayor’s proposal of creating a new nightlife license which would be used to close down clubs at the discretion of the city.Significantly increasing fines for noise violations from $500 up to $6000.Amending the current nuisance ordinance so the city could more easily close down clubs.Requesting the mayor to consider even more regulations on nightlife establishments.
If this entire package were to be adopted, Seattle would have some of the most stringent nightlife regulations in the country.

It appears that Councilmember Clark is intent on seeking approval of all elements of the package! This would have a devastating impact our music industry!!

Your voice needs to be heard now and loud. First, email the City Councilmembers today.   And then attend the MONDAY June 4th public hearing on this package. It begins at 5:30. Get there early to sign up! This hearing is in the City Council Chambers on the 2nd floor of City Hall located at 600 - 4th Ave downtown.

Below are the emails to the councilmembers: the area code is 206

Nick.licata@seattle.gov 684-8803
Sally.clark@seattle.gov 684-8802 **
Richard.conlin@seattle.gov 684-8805
David.della@seattle.gov 684-8806**
Jan.drago@seattle.gov 684-8801
Jean.godden@seattle.gov 684-8807**
Richard.mciver@seattle.gov 684-8800
Tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov 684-8808**
Peter.steinbrueck@seattle.gov 684-8804**

** indicates these members are up for reelection this year. Peter Steinbrueck is not seeking reelection and this will be an open seat

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Time:01:13 am

I was just curious, who do you think will influence Hillary's education platform? sorry, if this is an obvious question, but i'm just trying to get caught up.
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Subject:Bring Troops Home From Walter Reed
Time:06:02 pm
Please consider reading the following and supporting it in any way you can.  
The following letter to Governor Christine Gregoire (WA-D) is in response to an idea put out on Air America Radio's Randi Rhodes Show by a Kathleen in Seattle.  Please consider contacting your Governor to make a similar plea.  I've included contact information for Washington state below.
Randi Rhodes on Air America can be located on your dial in Washington state at:
Seattle, WA
1090 KPTK-AM
Now on from 5-8pm PT

Spokane, WA
1280 KPTQ-AM
Now live from 12-3pm ET


Write Governor Gregoire a Letter:
Governor Chris Gregoire
Office of the Governor
PO Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504-0002

Give Governor Gregoire's Office a Call:
Governor's Office (360) 902-4111
For relay operators for the deaf or hearing impaired, please dial 7-1-1

Fax Governor Gregoire a Letter:
(360) 753-4110

Email Governor Gregoire via her web form:  http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/default.asp



Governor Gregoire,


I'm certain that, by now, you've taken note of the conditions at Walter Reed Medical Center, the host of recently returned wounded troops, as revealed by the Washington Post earlier this week.  The facility is so overcrowded that our service men and women with wounds including amputations and brain injuries are being housed in unacceptable, dilapidated dormitories with mold, rodents, cockroaches, and holes in the ceilings.


Please ask President Bush to transfer custody of Washington troops back home where they can receive adequate medical and psychosocial care in our private beneficent, public, and Veterans Administration hospitals.  Our returning troops are best served by receiving personal and timely medical care, regular personal contact with their families and friends, and a gracious welcome from their local communities.


Our communities need these troops to come home so that we have the opportunity to express our gratitude.  It is difficult for us to personally feel the impact of the sacrifices made by these soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who were sent into harm's way at our behest when they are housed in isolation on the other side of the continent.  It is difficult for us to reach out and volunteer help to our neighbors who are so far away.  It is difficult for us to sacrifice our time and service in aid of our military members when they are not here to ask for our sacrifice.


Please find a way to bring our wounded troops home, for their benefit and ours.


Washington Post-"The Other Walter Reed"



The first part of the article opened as follows. The entire lengthy pieces are posted at www.washingtonpost.com

Behind the door of Army Spec. Jeremy Duncan's room, part of the wall is torn and hangs in the air, weighted down with black mold. When the wounded combat engineer stands in his shower and looks up, he can see the bathtub on the floor above through a rotted hole. The entire building, constructed between the world wars, often smells like greasy carry-out. Signs of neglect are everywhere: mouse droppings, belly-up cockroaches, stained carpets, cheap mattresses.

This is the world of Building 18, not the kind of place where Duncan expected to recover when he was evacuated to Walter Reed Army Medical Center from Iraq last February with a broken neck and a shredded left ear, nearly dead from blood loss. But the old lodge, just outside the gates of the hospital and five miles up the road from the White House, has housed hundreds of maimed soldiers recuperating from injuries suffered in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The common perception of Walter Reed is of a surgical hospital that shines as the crown jewel of military medicine. But 5 1/2 years of sustained combat have transformed the venerable 113-acre institution into something else entirely -- a holding ground for physically and psychologically damaged outpatients. Almost 700 of them -- the majority soldiers, with some Marines -- have been released from hospital beds but still need treatment or are awaiting bureaucratic decisions before being discharged or returned to active duty.

They suffer from brain injuries, severed arms and legs, organ and back damage, and various degrees of post-traumatic stress. Their legions have grown so exponentially -- they outnumber hospital patients at Walter Reed 17 to 1 -- that they take up every available bed on post and spill into dozens of nearby hotels and apartments leased by the Army. The average stay is 10 months, but some have been stuck there for as long as two years.

Not all of the quarters are as bleak as Duncan's, but the despair of Building 18 symbolizes a larger problem in Walter Reed's treatment of the wounded, according to dozens of soldiers, family members, veterans aid groups, and current and former Walter Reed staff members interviewed by two Washington Post reporters, who spent more than four months visiting the outpatient world without the knowledge or permission of Walter Reed officials. Many agreed to be quoted by name; others said they feared Army retribution if they complained publicly.

While the hospital is a place of scrubbed-down order and daily miracles, with medical advances saving more soldiers than ever, the outpatients in the Other Walter Reed encounter a messy bureaucratic battlefield nearly as chaotic as the real battlefields they faced overseas.

On the worst days, soldiers say they feel like they are living a chapter of "Catch-22." The wounded manage other wounded. Soldiers dealing with psychological disorders of their own have been put in charge of others at risk of suicide.

Disengaged clerks, unqualified platoon sergeants and overworked case managers fumble with simple needs: feeding soldiers' families who are close to poverty, replacing a uniform ripped off by medics in the desert sand or helping a brain-damaged soldier remember his next appointment.

"We've done our duty. We fought the war. We came home wounded. Fine. But whoever the people are back here who are supposed to give us the easy transition should be doing it," said Marine Sgt. Ryan Groves, 26, an amputee who lived at Walter Reed for 16 months. "We don't know what to do. The people who are supposed to know don't have the answers. It's a nonstop process of stalling."

Soldiers, family members, volunteers and caregivers who have tried to fix the system say each mishap seems trivial by itself, but the cumulative effect wears down the spirits of the wounded and can stall their recovery.

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Subject:Learn about 6 Different Activist Movements at either 1 of the below meetings (or print the booklet)
Time:06:21 am
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful

Dear friends,

Learn about 6 Different Activist Movements at either 1 of the below meetings (or print the booklet)

Meeting #1.

    Time: 4pm,
    Date: Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
    Location: Media Island, 816 Adams St. SE Olympia, WA 98501.
    Media Island is located behind the Downtown Olympia Public Library.
    If you walk out the back door of the Library it will lead across the
    street directly into Media Island.
    We will meet in the living room area of Media Island.
    Wonderful free refreshments will be served.

Meeting #2.

    Time: 2pm,
    Date: Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
    Location: The table and chairs area in between the bookstore and the
    cafe, on Evergreen campus.  The meeting will take place in the College
    Activities Building (CAB) and students, non-students and the public are
    welcome to attend.  Look for the large sign saying "Meeting Here."
    Wonderful free refreshments will be served.

If you can't make it to one of the above meetings, feel free to print out the 12 page information booklet found here...

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Subject:The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Time:02:10 pm
The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is looking for volunteers to usher, staff the merchandise and will call table, help with setting up and breaking down events, serve food and drinks and more. Volunteers have a great time at the festival, meet new people, and earn coupons to see films for free.

The festival this year is Friday, October 13-Sunday, October 22nd. For more information about the festival visit www.seattlequeerfilm.com and to volunteer send an email to: volunteer@seattlequeerfilm.com.
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